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Words that are spelled and pronounced the same, but mean something different.

A dusty desert plain.
The plain truth.
A plain white shirt.

How long does the film last?
I came last in the race.

I read the account of the robbery in the newspaper.
We have a joint account at the bank.

I was left a small sum of money by my aunt.
Can we sum up the meeting before we finish.

It is illegal to discriminate against people on the grounds of sex, race or religion.
I had to race around all day to get the house ready for the party.
He came first so he won the race.

The queue was so long that I didn't bother to wait.
I long for a day off work.

Sign your name here please.
What does the sign on the wall mean?

Keep still. Don't move.
She didn't study, but she still passed her exam.

He won the tennis match in the fifth set.
Do you have a match so I can light this candle.

The football match ended with a draw.
Can you draw? I wish I could.

The motorist was punished with a fine for speeding.
The weather was fine today.

You can't fit a round peg into a square hole.
She exercised regularly, so she was very fit.

Miss Jones, take a letter, please.
If you don't hurry, you will miss the train.

Have you seen the film, A beautiful mind?
Do you mind if I don't go out with you tonight.

The sentence for his crime was life imprisonment.
A sentence is a group of words including a verb and a noun that have a meaning, like this.

A point is a geometrical construction that has no width, height or depth.
Jonny, put your finger away. It is rude to point.
The point he was trying to make wasn't clear to any one.