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Words that are pronounced the same, but have different spelling

war - H.G.Wells wrote The War of the Worlds.
wore - She wore a different hat every day.

higher - The higher you go, the harder you fall
hire - You can hire a car at the airport

new - I'm buying a new car today.
knew - She knew that she had seen him before.

plain - He wore a plain white shirt.
plane - She took the plane to Madrid.

fair - It's not fair that the person who shouts loudest gets served first.
fare - The plane fare to Madrid has just been reduced.

would - Would you let me know when I can can see him?
wood - The table is made of wood.

threw and through - He threw the brick through the window.

male - The male of the species is usually the largest.
mail - The postman has just delivered the mail.

whether - Tell me whether you want to go to Paris or to Rome.
weather - The weather in Paris is cold for the time of year.

piece - Can I have a piece of chocolate, please?
peace - Everyone wants world peace.

court - The players left the court after a splendid tennis match.
caught - She caught the ball.

way - Can you tell me the way to Madrid, please?
weigh - Shoppers can now weigh their own fruit and vegetables in the supermarket.

site - This is the site of the battle of Hastings in 1066.
sight - It was a wonderful sight as the ship set sail into the setting sun.