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In the El País magazine of 13 March 2005, Javier Marías writes in "Productos podridos" about the poor quality of translations that he has found in books translated into Spanish. You would have thought that all publishers would have had the good sense to have the translation that they are publishing checked by a native speaker before investing time and money in publishing a new book. But this seems not to be the case. We see a similar lack of concern for the readers of all kinds of publications when Spanish has been translated into English. Strange dishes on menus, peculiar instructions for hotel guests and incomprehensible descriptions on web sites are unfortunately quite common.

Reading a bad translation always transmits a poor image of the organization that commissioned it, and in the worst case may lead to misunderstandings. So our advice is to have your translations made and checked by native speakers. It may cost a bit more, but in this way the image of your organization will not be harmed.